Celebrate Macaron Day

We're not in Paris, but we'll still celebrate with a French pastry

Happy day for New Yorkers who are wannabe-Parisians: It's Macaron Day in New York City, which means a host of bakeries are offering freebies throughout the day. (True Parisians, don't fret — the holiday coincides with Jour du Macaron, too.)

Macarons are being hailed as the "new cupcake," and are made with almond flour, sugar, and egg whites. (Not be confused with the coconut-y macaroon.) They're part crunchy, part airy, part smooth ganache, and the ultimate Paris dessert. Ladurée, arguably the most famous maker of macarons, first began with Pierre Desfontaines' idea to put ganache between two macaron shells in the early 20th century. Ladurée, which recently opened a shop in Manhattan's Upper West Side, holds the macarons for two days before selling, so they can reach the perfect texture.

If you're outside Manhattan, you don't need just one day to indulge in the French pastry. Try making a true French macaron, ice cream topping optional.