Celebrate The Flavor Bible’s 5-Year Anniversary

The book that is true to its name is one everyone should get their hands on
The Flavor Bible

This book details every ingredient and everything you'll ever need to know about it.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dorenenburg is turning 5! The book has proven to be a success with more than 200,000 copies sold since 2008. And it’s certainly a book we can all turn to for menu and flavor pairing advice.  

The book speaks true to its all-encompassing name. It lists hundreds of ingredients and pairs them with compatible flavors based on recommendations by home cooks, professional chefs, mixologists, artisanal brewmasters, and chefs. The book is the ultimate resource as it offers the best advice on what to pair with ingredients.  Whether you’re a chef creating menus or a home cook looking to spice up your meals, this book is a must have for go-to advice that never fails.

The book is organized into an easy-to-follow alphabetical list of a single ingredients with information about the season, taste, weight, volume, technique, and tips. Next to each ingredient is a comprehensive list of other ingredients that pair well with each.

For example, are you looking to incorporate sage into your fall meals? Did you know it goes best with asparagus, cheese, cherries (especially tart ones), chicken, duck, eggplant, stuffing, thyme, and pasta? The Flavor Bible also says a tip is to “always use cooked (never raw) and add it near the end of the cooking process.”

Authors Page and Dorenenburg have also written What to Drink with What You Eat and Culinary Artistry. Page, who followed a “99 percent vegetarian diet since May 2012,” has written “The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, ” which will launch in 2014. It looks into the “flavor pairings for plant-based ingredients” and other vegetarian and vegan chefs.

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What are you waiting for? Get your hands on The Flavor Bible now. It’ll come in handy, especially with Thanksgiving menu planning coming up soon!