The Caveman Becomes the Foodie: New Paleo Cookbook

‘The Paleo Foodie Cookbook’ shares 120 healthy recipes for food lovers
The Caveman Becomes the Foodie: New Paleo Cookbook
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With a focus on flavor and health, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who follows a paleo diet.

If you thought the paleo diet — often labeled as the caveman diet — was limiting in any way, think again. Cookbook author Arsy Vartanian has 120 mouth-watering recipes for delicious, healthy, and impressive paleo-friendly foods. This beautifully-photographed cookbook shares dazzling gluten- and grain-free recipes like pancetta-wrapped figs with walnuts, rich osso buco, and fragrant curried cabbage salad.

The book also includes a variety of helpful resources for those who may be less familiar with the paleo diet — money-saving tips, pantry staples to have on hand, and some a few cooking tricks to know, to name a few. With an emphasis on food quality and farm-to-table eating and a healthy dose of international flavor, this is an essential cookbook for anyone that’s new to the paleo diet (or considering trying it) and a must-have for paleo-adherents.

“I grew up watching my grandmother and mom spend most of the day in the kitchen, preparing traditional Middle Eastern dishes from scratch” Vartanian says. “Looking back on my childhood and these dishes, I realize many of them were innately paleo” — a realization that, no doubt, influenced a number of the delicious dishes in this cookbook, like Arsy’s Khoresht Lubia Sabz (Persian Green Bean Stew).

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Paleo Banana Cake

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