Fancy Cats Can Stay at this Five-Star Hotel for Pets

A Malaysian hotel just opened for the fanciest of pet cats

CatZonia in Malaysia says it is the first-ever five-star hotel for the very fanciest of cats.

The pets of the rich and famous lead very luxurious lives. Pets traveling with their owners can already enjoy full-service gourmet pet meals from hotel restaurants, and doting owners can even go to special cooking schools to learn how to make posh treats for their pets. Now owners who do not take their pets with them on vacation can rest assured that their feline friends are enjoying luxury accommodations at the world’s first five-star hotel for cats.

According to Rocket News 24, the new CatZonia hotel in Malaysia says it’s the “first and original five-star cat hotel.” The hotel includes luxury accommodations and even a pet spa that offers grooming services like nail cutting, ear cleaning, and shampoos. There’s even a live streaming video feed so owners can watch their pets enjoy the hotel.

The hotel even offers mating services, which is something one does not usually find in even the fanciest of human hotels.


The hotel rooms at CatZonia are only around $22 per night, and they are designed for optimal cat enjoyment, with multiple levels to climb and shelves to sit on and plenty of cushy beds to sit in. If they wanted to make things really ideal for cats, they’d also include a laundry basket full of just-folded laundry for the cats to mess up.