Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Trout

Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Trout

When planning to take a few days off and you want to be adventuresome, here is an idea to consider as a viable option: trout fishing. While pondering the thought of pulling in an eight pound rainbow, picture a beautiful and scenic cabin where you can clean and cook your prized catch. Cabins in the woods are a way of getting away from the twenty-first century pace and relaxing in a more simple way of living; even if it's only for a week or weekend. Providing food by catching, cleaning and cooking fish is a wonderful way of creating life long memories with family and friends.

Spending time while you rediscover the wild doesn't necessitate giving up all of the twenty-first century conveniences. Broken Bow Lake Cabin offers a fantastic fishing and camping experience with options available for any level of your getaway desires. Visiting the area from either Dallas or Oklahoma City is less than a four hour drive.

Brown and rainbow trout can be caught in the nearby lake or stream with a number of lures and minnows. Your choice of bait is, to the seasoned fisherman or woman, practiced and tested. For the novice person, trout fishing may present a bit of a challenge. Spin fishing is the practical choice for starting out after you have purchased your license. Learning the art of fly fishing takes practice and lessons. It is quite visual seeing the pros casting and catching while working their learned craft. For the novice, however, a light weight line - also known as “test” – and standard rod/reel should be the minimum equipment. A variety of lures are recommended as fish, of course, are finicky, so have options. Remember anyone can “fish,” while “catching” is the desired result. Most trout will hit or bite what draws their attention. Jigs, crankbaits and spinners are designed for such results. Depending on the depth of the trout a couple of shot weights may help you, too.

Trout tend to be in various spots based on feeding habits. After you check in to your Broken Bow Lake Cabin make new friends. Ask where the trout are hitting. Fishermen usually enjoy telling their fishing stories.

Once you succeed in catching dinner you may want some tips in cooking your trout. The cleaning process is rather simple as long as you have a filet knife. You might want to use a cutting board to start. While firmly holding, or clipping the tail to the surface of the board, use a spoon or dull blade to scale the fish from the tail up to the gills. Once scaled, cut just behind the gills on both sides. Cut deep but not through the trout. Now, from the belly, run the knife through the skin, but not too deep, starting at the anus cuts through to the first cuts. It is the small hole after the tiny fins on the bottom. Do not cut too deep as cutting the intestines will taint your catch. Gut the fish by using your fisted hand. While firmly holding the trout by the mouth take your thumb, start from the cut behind the gills, force through to the anus and discard the innards. The bloodline is what should appear in the cut. Either using your thumbnail or a toothbrush, scrape out this dark area completely. The trout should appear pink and ready to cook.

Leaving the head on the fish the cooking process can be quite simple. Spread some aluminum foil and place the fish on top. Take some seasoned salt and lemon pepper and sprinkle directly on the inside of your catch. Cut a teaspoon to tablespoon sized dollop of butter or margarine and put inside the fish. Cut a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice inside, too. Wrap the fish in the foil so it seals tightly. At least two total levels of foil at minimum should be turned, three at most. Place on the barbeque rack and turn after eight minutes. In about 15 minutes or so you have your trout freshly cooked and ready to eat. When you unwrap the fish look and see if its eyes have popped. This is the determining factor to be certain your dinner is fully cooked.

This post was written by Kim from Vacation Broken Bow Lake, where they specialize in Broken Bow cabin rentals in outdoorsy vacations for those who enjoy the wilderness and memorable vacations