Catch Me If You Can: 85-Year-Old Fridge Still On The Run

What appears to be the oldest running refrigerator left in the country is still going strong.

The Globe Top monitor top cooler, manufactured by General Electric, is now owned by Mark Vail and Jane Galyean from Montgomery, N.Y. It is believed to be purchased sometime between 1929 and 1931 for $300 according to the New York Post, which is equivalent to $4,225 today.

The three foot tall fridge was one of the last of its kind with its basketball-like top. GE transitioned to producing flat top refrigerators in 1937.

Vail and Galyean purchased the vintage chiller about eight years ago. 

The title was previously held by Mike Ansel in Lancaster County, Pa. with his 1938 GE model until it was picked up for recycling last October. Ansel received the refrigerator from a relative in 1974 according to ABC News.