Castaways Swear Off Sashimi After 10 Days In Boat

Four people who were trapped at sea in a boat with no food or water are lucky to be alive thanks to a diet of raw fish.

"I will never eat sashimi for a long time," said hotelier Tommy Lam Wai Lin, who The Local reports was taking two tourists and one of his interns on an island-hopping excursion in Malaysia two weeks ago when the boat flipped over and everyone was nearly lost at sea.

The four people managed to get the boat turned rightside-up, but they'd lost all their food and water and everyone who checked their phones found them to be soaked and incapable of calling for help. The four floated for 10 days, surviving on just raw flying fish that landed in the boat and water that condensed on the side of a plastic full of sea water.

Finally they were rescued by some fishermen, who were not actually legally allowed to be fishing in that area, and the four returned home safe and sound.