Carrot Scallion Pancakes Recipe

Carrot Scallion Pancakes Recipe
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Latkes are everyone's favorite Jewish fried food.  The typical latke is made with potato, flour and eggs.  I however, like to make a more Paleo friendly latke and now with this new recipe, I have 2 versions of Paleo pancakes.Generally at Hanukkah, I make a Butternut Squash Latke, though this year I was searching for a bit of variety and so came up with this Carrot Scallion Latke.  Why carrots?  Well, first of all, my younger son asked me to make a carrot latke.  Second, given my Paleo preferences, I eat carrots and not potatoes.  Third, carrots make a healthier latke than potatoes --why?  Carrots are rich in carotenoids which promote good vision, regulate blood sugar and may also promote colon health and prevent cancer --who knew?!  Potatoes on the other hand are tough for me to digest, high in starch and can wreak havoc on blood sugar.So, here, I present you with what I hope is healthier fried fare (if such a thing is possible) with these healthy and delicious Carrot Scallion Latkes.  Although Hanukkah is a celebration that entails a good deal of fried food, if you saute these in a bit of olive oil rather than deep frying them in inches of the stuff, they're a nice alternative to regular greasy Hanukkah food and a much healthier latke.At Hanukkah, we also make doughnuts, or donuts (in Hebrew we refer to them as sufganiyot) and other fried goodies. While I haven't come up with my own sufganiyot recipe, Tovah from Gluten-Free Bay has a great recipe for gluten-free sufganiyot (jelly donuts), and Silvana also has several lovely looking gluten free doughnut recipes in her book Cooking for Isaiah.