Carnivores, Rejoice! Wagyu-of-the-Month Club Offers Year-Round Cuts

Food-of-the-month clubs are getting pretty popular nowadays, with everything from craft beers and coffee to olive oil and jam getting the monthly treatment. Though there are several meat offerings already, David Rosengarten's Year-Round Wagyu-of-the-Month Club gives customers beef cut from Wagyu cattle, a breed from Japan that is known for its high quality and even higher prices. Though Rosengarten has several club options, this one gives you a different cut every month — like top sirloin, rib-eye, burger and chuck flap. Plus, they're selected by expert butcher George Faison, the co-founder of D'Artagnan and CEO of DeBragga Meats. The price averages out to just $125 a month, which is pretty good considering all your options.