Carlton Draught's New Beer Chase Ad Will Make You Laugh

Do you dream of Hollywood car chases, beer glasses filled to the brim that never spill, and 1980's anthems? Well then, your beer commercial has arrived. The Australian brewer, Carlton Draught, has released the latest in a string of acclaimed beer ads that features a group of four average Joes being chased by the cops after robbing a bank (or so we assume) fueled by, what else, beer.

Is it the car chase without cars that makes this ad so hysterical? Or perhaps it's the fact that they manage to run without the beer sloshing. There's also the music and, well, we don't want to give away the ending for you. Andrew Meldrum, GM of marketing for Carlton, said of the new ad, "At Carlton, we believe that beer ads should be fun. With the 'Made from Beer' campaign we've always set out to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously, and we try to do it in a way that puts a smile on people's faces."

So, is this the best beer ad of 2012? Well, we'll let you decide — we certainly wouldn't mind seeing American brewers take a cue from Carlton and produce ads with a bit more comedy.