Carla Hall On Cooking With Love

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Carla Hall has gained fans for her infectious personality everywhere from Top Chef All Stars (where she was voted Fan Favorite) to her role as co-host of The Chew. But behind the hootie-hoos and dancing on The Chew is a serious cook who is excited to share her recipes with her first cookbook Cooking with Love: Comfort Food That Hugs You.

The book has recipes from her time on television, but it is rooted in her family's Southern cooking staples. Hall says, "When I was growing up in Nashville, Tenn., we went to my grandmother's house every Sunday for supper... Even though I didn't cook during those meals, that was the foundation of a lot of my food memories and influenced how I cook today." The book includes a lot of recipes influenced by her grandmother such as beer braised pork, brisket, pound cake, and Southern collard greens.

For more on Hall's new book, you can watch the video above or you can pick up the book now!