Carl’s Jr. Tries to Outshine McDonald’s with Angus

Once Mickey D’s stopped selling their Angus burgers, Carl’s saw a gap in the market
Wikimedia/Broken Sphere

After McDonald’s announced the removal of their Angus burger line in May, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are trying hard to lure away from those golden arches and into their restaurants. Parent company CKE Restaurant Holdings’ CEO Andy Puzder posted two YouTube videos on Monday, one for Carl’s and one for Hardee’s, promoting their $6 Angus burgers, by using the slogan “Reclaim Your Angus,” along with a complimentary coupon. 

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have had their Angus burgers around for roughly 13 years, but McDonald’s and Burger King have always been the leaders. Puzder told viewers he sympathizes with their anger at McDonald’s for their decision to nix these burgers from their menu, saying, “Nobody likes to be deprived of something they enjoy,” but still might be using this as a strategic opportunity. “So if you’re wonder where the beef is, we have it. And we’d never deprive you of it.”

However, CKE isn’t stopping at just virtual users. They took out a full-page advertisement in USA Today summarizing the entire video. While some view this campaign as desperate, you can’t blame these restaurants for jumping at the chance to profit on McDonald’s loss.


And if you’re not completely satisfied with just the coupon, the website offers another complimentary item: a  “virtual hug” from the brands’ Happy Star mascots once you’ve finished printing the coupon.