Care Packages 101: Spring Treats

First and top choice: Pistachi-ooooooo.


Photo by Ally Barclay

Up next, Oreos. Lets all be real, who doesn't love a classic sleeve of Oreos on a late night? In addition to the notorious original flavor, mix it up with mint, peanut butter, chocolate, cake, cookie dough and the ultimate... double stuffed. (Whoa, calm down). 


Photo by Ally Barclay

Moving along, we had a popular request for anything along the lines of trail mix. Any sort of Chex Mix or the glorious Muddy Buddy snack will suffice. You simply cannot go wrong with these picks.

Now, to top it all off, candy. Even though both Valentine's Day and Easter have passed, springtime is still a perfectly acceptable time to give someone a ridiculous amount of sugary junk food. Here are some top picks:

Peeps, Starburst jellybeans, Reese's peanut butter cup bunnies, skittles and malt eggs...oh my.


Photo by Ally Barclay

Needless to say UO kids know what they like. So, next time when a relative wants to send you a care package perhaps maybe you can suggest these mouth watering treats.

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