Cards for the Food Loving Valentine

Paperless Posts give every food-lover something to swoon over

Cards for the Food Loving Valentine

If Valentine’s Day has arrived and you still haven’t even noticed the candy hearts in the window, you’re likely going to be in big trouble by the time you get home. Lucky for you, in today’s digital age, you can send a little love instantly. Paperless Post’s fantastic assortment of unique and food-centric cards will show the foodie in your life just how much you love them! We chatted with co-founder James Hirschfeld to talk about sending the perfect digital, food-focused Valentine!

What are the key things you should keep in mind with designing a card?

It really is the thought that counts. It only takes a few minutes to fire of a card, and it can make a world of difference to the person who’s getting it.

How does designing a card work on Paperless Post?

All our cards and invitations are customizable. Not only can you upload your own photos and format the text with our design tool, but you can also choose custom options like envelopes, envelope liners, stamps, postmarks, and backdrops.

What are the most popular food designs and how can you make them more personal?

One of our most popular food valentines is a bottle of hot sauce that says, “You’re just so hot.” You can personalize it with a photo of your beloved as the label, and I think it’s pretty hilarious.

Should you send a silly and a serious card for Valentine’s Day or just do one?

Valentines don’t need to just be for your sweetheart. You can send one to everyone that matters to you‚ including your best friend, sister, grandma, or even an ex that you're on good terms with. Our selection includes 300 different valentines, so you can choose the card—whether it's silly or serious or a little bit of both—that's perfect for each recipient.

What is your favorite Valentine Card saying?


I wouldn't mind getting “Brie Mine” myself.