Canned Wine: Next Trend?

We feel like we should be appalled; Spirit Airlines has announced the launch of canned wines to be sold and served in-flight.

The AP reports that Spirit Airlines will add on o its in-flight beverage program by providing Friends Wine in a Can, with cans of white or strawbery moscato for $7 a can ($12 for two). While we do like the idea of sipping on some wine midair (and crave the days when we can sip some champagne), we're not too sure how the metallic can will interfere with the taste. Probably not well?

In any case, AP notes that Spirit cans serve 250 milliliters of wine, compared to the Sutter Home's 187-milliliter mini bottles of wine, and mini bottles will still be sold in-flight. But the can is perhaps having a comeback; for airlines specifically, canned wines are easier to stack and store. Meanwhile craft beer has slowly been making its way to the trusty can.

But of course, canned wine just isn't as commonplace; The Friends Wine in AaCan "is entering the U.S. market, bringing a fusion of European style and thinking to the States and encouraging Americans to think outside the bottle," the Spirit press release says. This is part of Friends' "Fun Wine" category, which we take to mean "get drunk almost anywhere without a bottle opener."