Candy Is Apparently Great Marketing for God

At the candy expo, Scriptures Candy shills out Jelly Bean Prayers

Sure, Sour Patch Kids are a classic, and Avengers candy is a smart gimmick, but the Sweet and Snack Expo in Chicago brings us the latest in candy trends: Scriptures Candy.

According to the AFP, Scriptures Candy is looking to spread the message of God with a little sweetness. "Our mission is to reach the world one piece at a time with the word of God and it just happens to be on a piece of candy," founder Brian Adkins said.

Products include Jelly Bean Prayers, which pair jelly bean colors with corresponding prayers. Sample: "White shows the cleansing of my sin as I put my faith in Thee."

Then there's peppermint candies embossed with the words, "Jesus, Lives," and lollipops in the shape of a cross. Apparently the candies have been doing well, even though "the main market was a bit slower because they were afraid of offending people," Adkins told AFP.