Canadian Man Drives Zamboni Through Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

A Canadian man who really wanted a hot drink on the way home from work last week was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was able to get through the drive-thru of his local Tim Hortons, even though he was driving a Zamboni at the time.

According to CBC News, Jesse Myshak, of Alberta, Canada, had a new Zamboni ice-surfacing machine in his shop, and he planned on using it to ice his backyard so it could be used for hockey. The only issue was how to get the Zamboni from his shop to his house, but his house was not too far away, so he just decided to drive it all the way home.

Myshak's friends at work thought the idea of him driving a Zamboni all the way home was hilarious, and they were the ones who suggested he stop at the Tim Hortons drive-thru for a coffee.

Zambonis don't move very quickly, so there was plenty of time for the Tim Hortons employees to see what was happening. People in the restaurant came out to take pictures and declared it "the most Canadian thing they've ever seen," Myshak said.