Creepy Cow Killer Steals Prime Beef Cuts From Field Cattle

Ranchers in Canada are furious because some creepy cow-killers haveĀ been sneaking into pastures and stealing select cuts of beef from cattle, then leaving the otherwise intact corpses festering in the fields.

According to Vice, the unknown perpetrators have been shooting the cows, then slicing into them on the spot and making off with a few select cuts of beef, leaving the rest behind. Last Tuesday, rancher Jeremy Wasylyszyn said he saw one of his cows and her calf walking around as happy as a cow and calf can be along a nearby road, and then two hours later he found them both dead in the field, with the tenderloins of both animals cut out and removed.

"Two strips of meat on either side of the spine," Wasylyszyn said. "They've cut them out of the cow and the calf ... I think they totally had intentions of taking more, but I don't think they realized how much traffic was on the road."

Earlier this fall other ranchers lost cattle as well. Two cows were reportedly killed in one field, and the whole back half of each carcass was taken.

Police estimate that the cattle rustlers have killed six cows and cost about $15,000. Wasylyszyn and his family have put up a reward of $10,000 Canadian, or about $7,600 in U.S. dollars, for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.