Can You Bring Pie On A Plane?

Whether you're taking your daughter her favorite apple pie or bringing some along as a hostess present, travelling with food is always tricky, especially by plane.

Luckily, here's a nifty Q&A that lets you know what you can and cannot bring onboard.

In general, solid foods are fine, but "if you can smear it, spread it, or spray it, you should expect that it could fall under the 3-1-1 liquid limitations."

According to the TSA web site, pies and cakes can pass through security, but "they are subject to additional screening."

Many other food items will not be allowed through security if the amount exceeds 3.4 ounces. Grandma's cranberry sauce or gravy, for instance, must be less than 3.4 ounces. Jams, jellies, syrup, salsa, and salad dressing are also on the list.

Now, if you're travelling in from a foreign country, make sure to check out what foods you can or can't bring across the border. Oh, the holidays.

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