Can’t think of a Gift Idea? Try these 5 Mouthwatering Food Gifts.


1. Tiff’s Treats

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Not surprisingly, these cookies are a birthday must. Whether it’s simple chocolate chip or something more original like snickerdoodle or double chocolate Reese’s, you can never go wrong. You can even add Blue Bell ice cream and a bottle of milk to the order. With an attached note and a cute “happy birthday” balloon, you can send your friend a dozen cookies, ice cream and milk, all for under $20.

2. Cornucopia

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From cinnamon toast to smokey sweet BBQ, this company has popcorn flavors you’ve probably never even dreamed of. There’s even vegan popcorn options and a vanilla and caramel combination known as the “longhorn mix.” For $20, you can get a gallon of popcorn with up to three flavors, satisfying all of your friend’s sweet and salty cravings.

3. Austin Cake Ball

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As the perfect bite-sized dessert, cake balls are a great birthday treat to send. They can be decorated so many different ways to look almost as good as they taste. The traditional birthday package includes red velvet, vanilla bean and salted caramel, so it’s basically like sending a wedding cake testing straight to your friend’s apartment.

4. Polkadots Cupcake Factory

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Cupcakes are definitely a trendy treat this year. This order takes a little bit more effort than the last, but it’s definitely worth it. You have to go into one of their stores to place your order, but once inside, you can customize each and every cupcake you’re sending. Whether you want your cupcakes to spell out a personal message or just to be decorated to your friend’s liking, they can do it all.

5. Con’ Olio Oils & Vinegars

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If your friend’s a little more sophisticated than a box of sweets, check out this oil and vinegar shop for tasty oils to play around with in the kitchen. Sent in fancy gift boxes, you can send your friend specialty oils or flavored balsamic vinegars that they probably didn’t even know existed. This gift might be a little pricier, but your classy friend will appreciate it.

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