Can Allure's New Digital Channel Compete With Established Beauty Blogs?

We live in a world of Google, YouTube and Tumblr, where all of our beauty fixes, questions and how-to's are literally a click away. Can't seem to pull off a cat eye? Having trouble keeping that bold red lip in place? Still confused about how to French braid? There are literally millions of bloggers, vlogers and beauty gurus that can help you whip your makeup routine into shape. Following the trend, Allure, one of the biggest magazines dedicated entirely to beauty, is going to start its own digital channel and series meant to compete against the online beauty community. But that begs the question—is it too little too late or is Allure about to prove the power of a major publication?


Launched on April 2, Allure has started four new series on its channel: Beauty Basics, Beauty Evolution, Cassandra to the Rescue and Hair Tyrant with Ashley Javier. "Beauty is one of the fastest growing categories in video," said Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure. "It is a great platform for a mix of entertainment and information. It is an important frontier for beauty and the audience is passionate, opinionated and involved." And while Condé Nast's digital audience grew by 761% from 2012-2013, the new channels may not prove to be a huge asset to those number, despite the company's hopes. "The Allure digital channel brings to life the expertise, passion and loyalty that the brand has always shared with its consumers," said Dawn Ostroff, President, Condé Nast Entertainment. "Premium content for the beauty category's engaged audiences is a key component of the continued growth of CNE's digital network."


While some of the basics can be covered by a simple Google search or a click to a YouTube beauty guru, some of which have literally millions of subscribers, Allure's ability to talk with celebrities and go behind the scenes on cover shoots could potentially give them the upper hand. Having seen a few Allure videos we have to confess that they can be a bit more—awkward than some of our blogger favorites, with some videos playing out more like a reality show in pieces than a true beauty channel. The shows are still new, but we're expecting a lot from Allure and hoping they'll up their game as the seasons progress.