On Campus Review: Beanster's Cafe

Photo by Sarah Stettin

Situation: You've got 30 minutes in between your classes and you've, once again, left breakfast at home. You don't have time to swipe into a dining hall and State Street has already done a number on your bank account, but you've got to eat something before you consider cannibalism. Solution?  You finally decide to put those Blue Bucks to use.

One seemingly popular option is Beanster's. Located in the Michigan League, Beanster's is a coffee shop that offers unique drinks and dining options for students to enjoy while hopefully get some work done.


Photo by Sarah Stettin

Well, that was the plan.

I head over before my Comm 121 lab in hopes of grabbing food and finishing an essay. Oh god, is it crowded. I lap around Beanster's twice before I find seating — a two-person table against the wall. Returning back to the long line, I do have to say that Beanster's has quite the food selection — everything from breakfast (served until 11 a.m.) to soups and paninis.  I opt for a yogurt parfait and return to my seat.

I open my laptop and pull out my charger, but alas there are no outlets in sight. I scan the entire coffee shop, but only come across three usable outlets in the entire place. Three. One person alone probably has enough Apple products for 3 outlets, let alone an entire cafe full of students. Beanster's does have three Mac desktops for student use, but given the large crowd, they're obviously taken. My only option is to either work until my laptop dies or fight for an outlet Hunger Games style. Defeated, I pull up my essay draft only to find that I have very little time left for work.

Overall, Beanster's atmosphere is by no means conducive for getting homework done. Not only is it crowded, but it's a little run down as well.  The booths are patched up and some of the lights flicker, which is way too Blair Witch Project for me. Plus, the closing times are not tailored to the average student. It closes at 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and as early as 5 p.m. on Sunday evenings, which is usually when I consider starting my work.

Final Verdict: If you're looking to enjoy a meal as you work, Beanster's is not the place. The food, however, is really quite good (try The Griffin sandwich or their version of the Michigan Salad). My advice? Grab, and go.

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