Calling All (Traveling) Cooks: Mexican Resort Asks Guests To Challenge The Chef

Some people really feel that they can do everything better than everyone else. Passengers without a license criticize taxi drivers, twenty-one year olds just starting to drink will tell a bartender how to do their job, and diners who watch Iron Chef America think they can cook better than the pros.

Well now, diners who really think they can go up against the best in the kitchen are being given an opportunity to showcase their skills. Chef Fabrice Guisset at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos,

Guests of the hotel who want to showcase their skills in chef Guisset's luxury kitchen will be given a tray of fresh, local ingredients to work with including herbs from the hotel's own herb garden. The guest then has one hour to complete the dish in an open-air demonstration kitchen in the herb garden — after which chef Guisset will offer a Champagne toast for the guest's hard work (travel companions are welcome too, of course).

Chef Guisset then rates the dish and awards a corresponding prize. The coveted grand prize of Three Spoons will mean the dish will then be added to the a la carte menu of the hotel's restaurant for a week (and the guest gets chef's whites from the hotel), while Two Spoons gets your dish added to the Specials Menu for the following day, and One Spoon means the dish is a work in progress and the chef

Anyone out there who thinks lying on a beach in Mexico seems lazy should take note — now you can head into the kitchen for a high-stakes cook-off.

(All photos courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort)