'Call Me Maybe' Gets Farming Parody

It's adorably off-key, and mostly about dairy farming

"Sexy and I Know It" got a noteworthy parody a while back, and it looks like this adorable kid decided to take his cue from the Peterson Farm Brothers and create a "Call Me Maybe" parody. The result? "Farm It Maybe" from "Lil Fred," with the kid singing about milking cows, harvesting corn, and feeding calves.

Some sample lyrics: "The milk truck comes in the morn/ At noon we harvest the corn/ At night the new calf is born/ And that's the average day." Sure, his voice is a little pitchy, but he's adorable and there is no sign of autotune. Plus, his lyrics (and moves) are kind of lamely adorable ("Milk will make your bones/ Grow big and strong/ That's how I keep working/ All day long"), but perhaps he'll be the Justin Bieber to Peterson Farm's One Direction?


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.