California's Marin County Declares 'Soda-Free Summers'

Mayor Bloomberg would approve

Marin County, the Bay Area county that Adam Sachs recently called "the most beautiful, bucolic, privileged, liberal, hippie-dippie place on the Earth" in The New York Times' T magazine, is living up to its name, this time urging residents to take a "soda-free summer."

According to a resolution passed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, SFist reports, Marin residents are requested to get involved with a soda-free summer by encouraging soda-free policies at kids' events and activities, selling healthy food at fundraisers, and hosting a soda-free party or pot luck.

Of course, the resolution was written back in 2011, but it proclaims June, July, and August as part of "soda-free summers" in Marin and "urges all citizens to "rethink your drink."


"Americans today consume 250 to 300 calories more per day than they did a generation ago. Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda pop account for almost half of that increase," the proclamation says.