California's Catalina Island Is A Cozy And Romantic Winter Destination

If you had told me a weekend adventure out to the Californian island of Catalina would have been a good winter trip, I would have immediately disagreed and planned a warm weekend of movie theaters and indoor shopping. Instead what awaited me and my beau was a cozy, adventurous and all together spectacular island that was more romantic than any advertisements or travel photos would have you believe.

There are five ports in Southern California that service Catalina Island and after arriving in the southernmost of them, Dana Point, we made ready to embark for the island aboard the shuttle ferry: the Catalina Express. The water was slightly choppy, but the hour-long ride was wonderful, and there is more wildlife to be seen when seated on the outside deck of the ship instead of the inner cabins. As it's no longer summer weather, you'll want to bundle up and, speaking from experience, it's best to take a seat outside before the ride begins rather than once it's in motion. If you're averse to the cold or are just looking for a little more privacy ask about the Captain's Lounge to see if the upgrade is available on your ship.