Cafe Rio Mexican Grill: Cafe Rio: Best Quick Service Mexican Restaurant

I recently moved to Salt Lake City, Utah from California and have been looking for a great Mexican food restaurant. I tried several mediocre restaurants but nothing compared to the delicious Mexican food you can get in California. That was until I discovered Cafe Rio Mexican Grill.

Cafe Rio was awarded the number one quick service restaurant in the nation and for good reason! The food may be fast but unlike other fast food restaurants, everything is fresh and always made to order. 

The menu items are traditionally inspired and nothing you order is ever pre-made, pre-packaged or frozen. From the chilies that are shipped in from Mexico to the hand-made tortillas, you can be sure that you are always getting the freshest ingredients. 

Cafe Rio has over 45 locations, predominantly in the Western states, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. If you love Mexican food as much as I do and have yet to try Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, I highly recommend you do. Cafe Rio also has delicious daily specials, check out the website at to see the full menu and a list of the daily specials!