Cafe Explosion Injures 90 In Spain

Dozens of staff and customers were injured in a sudden explosion at a popular cafe in Spain on Saturday night, during an annual festival, and authorities are saying a gas leak was probably to blame.

According to Fox News, the explosion occurred in the kitchen of a cafe called La Bohemia in Velez-Malaga, a small tourist town in the Andalusia region of Spain that was celebrating its annual Feria de San Miguel festival this weekend. The explosion occurred around 7 p.m., and at first witnesses were afraid that it was a terrorist attack.

Five people were seriously hurt with burns and serious injuries in the explosion, which blew out the bistro's walls and counters. At least 57 other people were injured by flying debris and in the ensuing panic to escape the building. Others were treated for cuts and minor injuries. Authorities estimate that 90 people were hurt in the attack, but nobody has reportedly died from injuries sustained in last night's incident.