Cafe 976: Best Coffee in San Diego

Best Coffee in San Diego

Café 976 is a breakfast favorite with an earthy vibe in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. The coffee shop is in a renovated charming 1920’s beach house with a deck and garden. It was one of the first buildings in the area and was originally a home, then a school, and then an antique store before its 1993 conversion to a coffeehouse. From their delicious fresh roasted coffee to the atmosphere sans TVs and huge crowds, it’s the perfect place to effortlessly pick up a cup of morning coffee.

There are a variety of espresso house specialties like the Razz m’Tazz, 2 shots of espresso, milk, white chocolate, and raspberry. Blended drinks include the Al Green, 2 shots of espresso, ice, a splash of half & half, white chocolate, vanilla, and green mint. Simpler drinks like café au lait and Chai Tea lattes are also available.

Café 976 is the perfect place to sit and study at a single table or have a quick bite with friends at a communal table. The outdoor seating is also perfect for beautiful San Diego days. The servers are always busy, so come with a bit of time to spare.