Café in Irish Town Bans American Tourists

Americans aren’t welcome everywhere they go in Ireland
Peter’s Place Café
Facebook/Peter’s Place Café

Peter’s Place Café bans American tourists from their eatery.

There are some common rules you might have to abide by upon entering any restaurant or café around the world: No dogs allowed; must wear shoes; credit cards not accepted; no loud Americans.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A café in a small town in one of the most touristic areas of Ireland has received attention for banning loud American from its grounds.

A sign in the front window of Peter’s Place Café in Waterville, County Kerry, reads, “No Bus/Coach or Loud American’s. Thank You.”

At least they were polite about it.

The sign, which has been posted in the window for the past six weeks, recently went viral after Ireland-native Maurice Campbell tweeted a picture of it when he visited the village.

Campbell first tweeted a picture of the sign on June 6, and it drew heavy criticism from the Waterville business and tourism boards.

"I thought it was out of order. It seemed nasty," Campbell, who is from Northern Ireland, told CNBC in an interview. "It's in an area that's very dependent on tourism."

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Waterville is located on Ireland’s southern coast on the Ring of Kerry, one of the touristic places in the country. More than 1.1 million people visited the southwest area of Ireland in 2012, according to Fáilte Ireland.