Philadelphia Gets BYOB iPhone App

Figuring out where to go to dinner is never an easy task, especially when you want a place with a great drink menu as well. That's where BYOB restaurants come in, letting diners bring their own drinks and save money. Yet, not all restaurants will let you bring your own. If you've ever thought that it would be great to know which nearby restaurants were BYOB, there's now an app for that. At least, there's an app for that in Philadelphia.

Eli Gratz, owner of the Chicago-based company Great Time Apps, has created an iPhone and iPad-supported app that will let you search for nearby BYOBs in Philadelphia. There are 550 in the program's database, which will be updated regularly. This isn't Gratz's first BYOB app. He already created one for Chicago that had success because of the city's, "very intense following," of BYOB restaurants, he told Eater Philly.

Like the concept but don't like in Philadelphia? If the app is a success there — and by every measure it should be — Gratz plans to introduce more cities. The app will be released on Thursday and be available from iTunes for $1.99 for the first 10,000 downloads, after which the price will be $3.99. Don't have an iPhone? Gratz hopes to release a version for Android depending on its success.