Bring-Your-Own Pot Clubs Pop Up in Colorado, Serve Goldfish and Cheetos

Obviously, those 2 snacks are the official foods of the members-only clubs

Of course this would happen; after Colorado passed an amendment legalizing marijuana use, enterprising businessmen slash pot lovers decided to group together and start up "bring-your-own pot" clubs.

The first, which opened Dec. 31 in Denver suburb Del Norte, closed after a few hours due to "growing pressure from local law enforcement and [the founder's] landlord," Westword reported, but another club kicked off the new year on a high note.

The Associated Press reports that the second pot club, Club 64, opened at 4:20 p.m. on New Year's Eve. The private, members-only pot den is legal because it doesn't sell marijuana, food, or drink, but allows a safe place for people to smoke up. Their first event (the venue changes every meeting) involved a showing of The Big Lebowski, a bar with blue Christmas lights, and Club 64's official snacks, Goldfish and Cheetos, thanks to Colorado governor John Hickenlooper's warning, "Don't break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly." We would prefer mac and cheese or burritos, but whatever.


Attorney Robert Corry says the club is for people who can't smoke at home due to a local ordinance or landlords. Membership costs $29.99 for a single event (high prices for a safe place to smoke), so we can only hope the food offerings will expand from there.