Burrito Bomber Teases Us with Yet Another Mexican Food Delivery System

Someone has gone and developed a bomber to deliver you burritos

The world collectively sighed a sigh of disgruntled acceptance when we learned that the Tacocopter was just a cruel joke on the taco-loving world, but it looks like some engineers took pity on our poor souls and created the Burrito Bomb, a burrito-drone-delivery system.

Darwin Aerospace, a research laboratory, built this Burrito Bomb drone system, which is "truly the world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system," the descriptor says.

The way it works: the Burrito Bomber Web app orders a burrito, which sends the location to their server, generating a compatible waypoint file that is then uploaded to the drone. A burrito is then loaded into a "Burrito Delivery Tube," which looks like a wider paper towel roll, which is then parachuted down to your location.

Of course, just as the Tacocopter was not a commercial product because of FAA regulations, the Burrito Bomber is the same; it’s not going to be developed as a commercial product until the FAA decides on commercial-use drone regulations by September 2015. So, for now? Learn to build your own from directions on their website. Then give us a call.