Burgundy Sales Increase, Producers Hope For Continued Growth

Time to put down the Bordeaux and pick up some Burgundy

Burgundy wine sales have increased in the United States and France for the first time in five years.

For the first time since the 2008-2009 campaign, Burgundy sales are raking in revenue.

The Burgundy Wine Bureau (BIVB) has reported export sales of €214.5 million (or nearly $275 million) between January and April 2013, according to Decanter.com. This is a huge bump up in sales for the wine varietal; in the 2012-2013 period, red Burgundy saw a 13 percent drop in volume from the previous year. U.S. sales are up 4.3 percent in volume, while French sales are stronger at a five percent increase in volume.

Michel Baldassini, vice president of the BIVB, told La Vigne that the figures increased because of strong performances on export markets and because of the pressure a series of small vintages put on stocks. He warned that consumers would suffer if the Burgundy region does not see a normal volume of wine this vintage. Consumers are not only looking to big names, but also smaller producers.


Burgundy producers are hoping for a steady growth in the upcoming months.