Burger Mash-Ups Getting Fast-Food Treatment

Ugh, guys seriously just stop it with mash-ups. We get it, it's super cool to put two food items together into one dish. But now, it's just going to be another thing in the food world we have to deal with, like subpar macarons, or copycat In-N-Outs, all of which are always less satisfying than the real thing.

Case in point: Burger King's new "French Fry Burger," which the AP even reports is "basically a standard beef patty topped with four of the chain's french fries." That's right. For $1 starting Sept. 1, you can get a standard burger with four french fries piled on top. Novel.

AP reports that the Miami-based chain is looking to up its offerings in light of McDonald's refocus on the dollar menu (and as Mickey D's launches their chicken wings nationwide). And interestingly enough, some nutritionists are hoping this will curb kids' fries orders. "A smart parent could tell her child that they can have this item instead of choosing to buy a whole order of fries as well as a burger, so that calories and fat will actually be less. If you added a side salad with their fat-free ranch dressing this would add another 75 calories but it would make a reasonably OK meal for a fast-food place," Karen Congro, director of the Wellness for Life Program, said in an email. Except knowing us, we'll probably just want a side of fries anyway.