Burger King Tries To Make 'Fries King' Happen

In a wonky move to bring more attention to their new lower-calorie fries, Burger King has decided to revamp themselves as Fries King for an unknown amount of time.

According to a press release, Burger King revamped restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami all to operate as Fries King for a limited time. The brand's website and Facebook both reflect the change, although their Twitter still has their old name.

Unfortunately, fans aren't all that jazzed about the change. "Seriously? This really puts the 'Fries' in WTF. What's the next marketing gimmick, Ketchup King?" one fan wrote on the Facebook wall. "You have the best burguers [sic], and the lamest fries, and you change your brand name to Fries King? Hope you're trolling or else I'm going to Wendy's," another writes.

And while the faux name change is getting them some press, it might also detract from the brand. "There are a few downsides to this. First, it implies the burgers are probably not very good. And second, it confuses people," AdWeeks' Tim Nudd writes.

Still, it seems like Burger King is at least semi-serious for this brief name change; putting up new signs at multiple locations is no joke.