Burger King Selling 55-Cent Whoppers


Fifty-five years ago, a legend was born. In 1957, Jim McLamore, who had recently taken over a struggling burger chain named Insta Burger King, noticed that big hamburgers were selling well at a rival restaurant, so he decided to add one to the menu. That burger, which he christened The Whopper, helped to bring Burger King to national prominence and pre-dated the rival Big Mac by more than 20 years.

In honor of the birth of that legendary flame-grilled patty, Burger King brass has decided to sell Whoppers for a decidedly un-whopping $0.55 from this Thursday through Sunday (Dec. 6 to 9), when purchased with a second, full-price, Whopper.

You can get yours in three varieties: the classic, the Wisconsin White Cheddar (also topped with bacon), or the "Angry Whopper," which is apparently furious about being topped with habanero cheese, jalapeño slices, spicy fried onions, and "angry sauce."