Fake Burger King Mascot Pranks McDonald's and More News

In today's Media Mix, 3 important questions about salt, plus how food companies advertise to kids
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world on this awfully slow Monday morning.

Burger King Mascot Imposter Pranks McDonald's: He was handing out free bags of hamburgers and taking photos with children for a children's charity. Umm... stranger danger anyone? [HuffPo]

M.Wells Returns: The Long Island City darling finally returns in the form of a museum café at MOMA PS1. [Grub Street]

Three Questions for Salt: Example: Why do you taste so good? What's the difference between sea salt and normal salt? [NPR]

Food Companies Totally Brainwashing Children: While parents may be doing their best to keep those pesky ads for sugary foods away from their kids, food companies are circumventing the 'rents by placing ads in smartphone and tablet games. Sneaky, guys . [Seattle PI]