Burger Bombs




Cross-section of “The Big “O” Burger.”

But the much-anticipated headliner of our meal was the “Big O’ Burger.” Mr. Cutlets researched and designed, then documented “the arduous process of creating the perfect hamburger” in a detailed, three-part video series. It ends with the Feedbag in the kitchen with Chef Josh Shuffman doing a demo of what he refers to as a “high-class version of the Oklahoma-style onion burger,” which for the record, looked pretty good.

The image of Cutlets searing a blackened shallot encrusted burger was emblazoned in our minds as we waited for it to arrive. Our experience did not live up to what we had seen on film. First, there was nothing big about the burger. It was over-cooked and underwhelming. The bun wasn’t special, and a chopped shallot marmalade didn’t nearly compare to the burnt bits we had been led to expect. For the sake of Ozersky’s reputation as a burger aficionado, he should quickly give the chefs a refresher course on how to execute his Big O’ Burger. At the least, they should watch the video again.