Bun Shop Owner Makes Deliveries In Lamborghini

A successful bar owner in Chengdu is branching out into the steamed bun business, and he's so committed to his new business that he says he'll deliver all large orders himself in his Lamborghini.

According to Shanghaiist, the entrepreneur just opened his first bun shop on Wednesday. But he says that his years in the bar industry have taught him a thing or two about what customers want, and what they want is evidently to get a look at a very expensive automobile. So now he says he's delivering any orders of 100 buns or more from behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. Apparently he expects this to be a value add to customers who just wanted a couple bags of baozi steamed buns. 

Buns are generally a relatively low-cost, casual sort of food that's not often associated with things like Lamborghinis, and these buns do not appear any fancier than normal. They might arrive in a Lamborghini, but they're all just stuffed together in plastic bags like ordinary buns would be and are not reportedly made with high-end ingredients or special fillings. They're just normal buns in a Lamborghini. It's an unconventional business model for sure, and it remains to be seen if people will really preferentially choose his bun shop for the sake of seeing a Lamborghini, or if they'll just call the place with the tastiest buns, regardless of whether they're delivered in a fancy car or on an electric bicycle.