Bumbling Thieves Spend $18k Coin On Pizza

Stupid thief stories never get old. A Vancouver man suspected of stealing $100,000 in rare coins was arrested this week after some old quarters worth thousands of dollars turned up at a local pizza joint, where he'd used them at face value.

The rare coin collection went missing back in May, according to Yahoo News, and Dakoda Garren was the first suspect. The woman who owned the coins said she'd hired Garren and his girlfriend to do work at her house, and they were the only people besides family with access to the coins. But Garren denied the charges and the police didn't have any evidence to arrest him.

And they would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those crazy kids and their pizza habit. Garren and his girlfriend were sitting on a $100k haul until they decided to spend the coins on dinner and a movie.

Police were tipped off when a Liberty quarter worth up to $18,500 was found at Rocky's Pizza in Battle Ground, Wash., where the thieves had spent it as though it were a regular quarter. Other valuable old coins were found at a movie theater, where they were probably worth just enough to cover a concession-stand popcorn.

Police say Garren is being charged with first-degree theft, which Gawker says he eventually confessed to. Police say they've decided to hold off on arresting his girlfriend for now, as she's currently nine months pregnant.