Build And Manage A Brewery In "FIZ" New Mobile Game

While my days as a gamer are behind me, I felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm as I downloaded a preview copy of the new build-your-own-brewery game called "Fiz," available starting today, 12/11, from the Android or iPhone App stores. Beyond just the subject matter, "Fiz: The Brewery Management Game" also has a delightful 8-bit retro aesthetic that will remind you of the original classic Zelda and Final Fantasy games. Fiz goes on sale today for the first time, but I have been playing it for nearly a week. Be forewarned, though, this game takes a lot more investment and attention then Angry Birds, which is both good and bad. It would be hard to engage in this game while waiting on a bus, but the options and attention to detail bring a surprising depth and realism to a mobile application game.
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