'Bug Chef' Serves Creepy Thanksgiving in Times Square

Cranberry cockroach relish is on the menu

Eating bugs could be a new trend, but is Thanksgiving really the time to test it out? "Bug Chef" David George Gordon thinks so, and he’s set up shop in Times Square to prove it.

According to NBC, Gordon samples of stuffing, relish, and dessert in front of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Times Square all weekend. Anybody who eats one of his bug-filled dishes gets into the museum for half-price, but the bragging rights that come from eating cockroach relish are probably a significant enticement.

"We have cranberry cockroach relish, we have stuffing with chestnuts and crickets, and then we have dessert — we have chocolate-covered chapulines — those are very small grasshoppers from Mexico — that have been seasoned with chile and lime and salt," Gordon said.

According to Gordon, he actually has a harder time getting New Yorkers to try his bugs than people from other areas. New York might be cosmopolitan, but the city is comparatively low on insects, so its residents are more squeamish around bugs.

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"New Yorkers are very, very cautious about insects, so it’s hard to get a New Yorker… to eat something like an oven-baked cockroach or even an oven-baked cricket," he said.