The Buffet Challenge: Can You Eat All of Las Vegas?

Vegas is America's top buffet town

Vegas was never known for scarcity.

As most know by now, Las Vegas is home to the biggest buffet scene in the nation. Why do people keep coming back for more? Besides the obvious answer (lots of food), what’s the real secret behind the Las Vegas buffet appeal?

It’s the extremely well-selected, well-cooked, and well-crafted cuisine from all over the world. Both the options and food supply are endless.

Here are two eateries that won’t fail to disappoint: Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace and Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan. What makes these places so special? Well, many things, but for starters you’ll finally be able go to a restaurant that most likely, everyone in your party will enjoy.  Options at Bacchanal range from red velvet pancakes (their signature dish) to lotus-wrapped sticky rice to croque monsieurs to chicken-fried steak. Call it an American-Latin-Southern-European-Asian type buffet. Wicked Spoon will similarly delight with their displays of giant uncut coiled sausage or their noodle dishes, which are served in paper rice boxes.  Even the omelette bar is delicious, but be prepared to wait in a line of around 10 to 15 people on average.

And as if the main courses weren’t enough for your appetite, each of these places, as well as many other four- and five-star buffets, are equipped with their own delicious dessert spreads. With mini carrot cakes, cups of tiramisu, truffles of all different chocolate types, cookie jars, and gelato, these buffets have it all. Choosing is the hardest part. The second hardest part, though, might be the waiting. As a Vegas local reveals, "Wait times to be seated at Bacchanal Buffet can go up to four hours."

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So, here’s the game: Go to either or both Bacchanal Buffet and Wicked Spoon, wait in line (bring a book and/or lawn chair), eat with your eyes (and obviously with your mouth), and most of all, enjoy. If you can do that, then you’ve won the buffet challenge.