Budweiser Cup Makes Drunk Facebook Friending Way Too Easy

Let's just say that we're thankful we didn't have these cups around last weekend; Budweiser Brazil has released a "Buddy Cup" that makes connecting with people on Facebook far too easy.

According to the video, these Buddy Cups are equipped with a chip embedded on the bottom. Taking a picture of the QR code with your smartphone and linking it to Facebook then gives the cup access to your Facebook friending activity, and when one cup clinks another, the two drinkers automatically become friends on the social network.

While in theory this sounds like a great idea (Meet a cute guy but forget to get his last name? Have a one-night stand but don't want to be that person who refers to everyone as "babe"?) we're more than a little wary of this incredible access to our social media accounts. Sometimes, anonymity can be a good thing. Like that random hookup in that dive bar at 2 a.m. on a Friday night? We never want to see that one again.