Bud Light Delivers 1,100 Cases to Shane Battier

There's video proof. Good marketing, Budweiser

Well, Bud Light sure knows how to reward their fans (or at least their high-profile ones). Earlier this season, Miami Heat forward Shane Battier told NBA.com that he would stick to one beer and one beer only: Bud Light.

Seeing as Battier was a superstitious player, he didn't want to ruin his team's 27-game winning streak, and only drank Bud Light through the streak to keep his mojo.

Turns out, Bud Light appreciated that publicity and returned the favor, delivering 1,100 cases of Bud Light to the basketball player. The drop-off, documented and shared online via YouTube for mass publicity opportunities, obviously, proves that 1,100 cases of beer, whether cheap, mass-produced, or craft, is always a welcome offering.

Watch Bud Light wheel cases and cases of the brew into Battier's home below. We know one avid Bud Light fan on staff who is waiting for her delivery any minute now. Hint, hint.