Brooklyn's Roberta's Pizzeria Cultivates Own Garden

Let it be known that when you go to Roberta's Pizzeria, your ingredients are going to be as fresh as humanely possible. Yes, Roberta's is one of the few pizzerias in New York with a garden, and today marks the beginning of their planting season for the pizzeria, where they grow many of the herbs and vegetables that end up on their pizzas.

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Once known as a hole-in-the-wall local pizza joint in Bushwick, Roberta's has exploded in popularity due to some rave reviews. They have also just released a quirky video of their gardeners planting some crops in their very own backyard garden.

The garden is nothing fancy — the tiny space is walled in by slabs of concrete and barbed wire. A sped-up version of the video shows the process from concrete backyard slab to lush garden. The garden has been growing since 2009, when Alice Waters herself happened to be walking by and made a $1,000 donation. Nowadays you can visit the garden and see the herbs, tomatoes, and flowers growing.

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