The Brooklyn Star Is Closed By Kitchen Fire

One of Williamsburg's most promising new restaurants is closed down by a kitchen fire.

Tripe chili with Fritos at Brooklyn Star in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It’s shocking to learn that just hours after we left last night, a disastrous fire struck The Brooklyn Star.

There we were, preparing to post a reminder about how the biscuits fill the restaurant with the smell of butter and pleasantly return to dough form in your mouth. How you could slather butter and honey on the cast-iron cooked, jalapeño and bacon cornbread, drop ice cream on it and call it dessert. How the tripe chili with Fritos is a great winter meal, and that the fried pig tails are Williamsburg’s offal wings. The country fried steak even had us pondering the order of New York City's Top 5 Chicken Fried Steak.

It was the second consecutive meal in two weeks that we had enjoyed, with plans to return for the enticing brunch dishes (biscuits and sausage gravy with eggs, apple Johnny cakes, fried chicken and waffles, and shrimp and grits). Thankfully, no one was hurt. In the interim months before they plan to reopen, here are some photographs of the food that will be missed.

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