Broncos Vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl Cocktails

When the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks face off on Feb. 2, it will be a Super Bowl of the No. 1 AFC seed vs. the No. 1 NFC seed. It will be (for only the fifth time since 1970) a championship between the NFL's top-rated defense and the top-rated offense. It will be Peyton Manning's last best shot at a second ring, and the Seattle franchise's best shot at a first one.

It will be, in other words, too big for beer.

Broncos vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl Cocktails (Slideshow)

The pigskin and the gridiron go with hops and barley the way baseball goes with hot dogs and male self-loathing, but for this Groundhog Day Super Bowl, with a potentially epic battle lying in wait, we have a right literally to thirst for more.

Will the Seahawks jump at their shadows, issuing in six more years of post-season Mannings? Or will the 12th man hop coasts, giving the Seahawks their first Vince Lombardi Trophy?

And that's just the game itself. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be playing the half-time show, which should be a chug-a-lug good time. Still others will watch the game for its more corporate aspect: those wonderful commercials, generally considered the best ads of the year. All those Bud Light ads should make you even more grateful to be drinking something else.

With Super Bowl XLVIII scheduled at Met Life Stadium in northern New Jersey, it could well be the first blizzard-condition SB in years, and we've got you covered with cocktails, shots and high-balls (though hardly as high as some of Tom Brady's misses in Denver...). Assign a shot when your team scores. Or take one when the opponent does. Either way, be sure to enjoy the game, and not just with beer.