The Broadmoor's Sommelier Gives Tips on Choosing Wine for the Holidays

Where to go to drink wine while on vacation

With the holidays officially here, party and menu planning come full swing. Making its presence known more and more each passing year, wine takes charge as beverage of choice for holiday cheer. After all, wine perfectly pairs with warming foods and never overshadows a table full of homemade treats. Gathering tips on wine drinking during the holidays put us in touch with The Broadmoor Colorado Springs. 

The luxury resort celebrates thoroughly from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Guiding wine to glass for the past seven years is Sommelier Michael “Bucky” Buckelew. Bucky is responsible for pairing fine wines with the modern cuisine at the resort’s Summit  restaurant and also remains The Broadmoor’s go-to in advising wine and food pairings.

Bucky particularly revels in his role during the holiday season, where he finds joy as the purveyor of guest’s most memorable sips...which don’t need to break the bank! We turned to Bucky for tips on wine for holidays and were pleased to find his suggestions include sophisticated varietals for under $50


lltitle=How to Choose the Right Wine for the Holidays### llcontent=With so many holiday parties coming up, there's nothing better to bring with you than a nice bottle of wine. However, choosing that bottle can be pretty tough when you don't know which varietal suits which party best. Check out these tips from The Broadmoor's Sommelier and consider your problem solved!